About us

Captain Eff represents the next generation of talent agencies. We are focused on developing communication strategies for Public Figures of all genres and their brands. We go beyond traditional approaches to provide customized solutions in an ever-evolving media landscape.

"For a public figure, it's about sending the right message to achieve visible success and purpose-driven development."

Matthias Hieber
Founder of Captain Eff


We utilize effective storytelling as the foundation for credible and effective messaging for public figures and brands alike.

Celebrity-PR Expertise

Captain Eff positions your brand at the forefront through targeted celebrity collaborations to generate maximum exposure.

Social Media People Business

We understand the dynamics of social media and use them to foster authentic relationships between brands and people.

Master of Brand Storytelling

Your brand has a story to tell - Captain Eff helps you to present it dramaturgically correct and thus impressive and convincing.

Consistent Communication

We ensure a seamless and targeted communication strategy that spans across all platforms.

The founder

With almost 30 years of media experience in a wide range of fields, Matthias Hieber is one of the most accomplished media managers in Germany. Working with talents of all genres is one of his core competencies, while his comprehensive and in-depth network underscores his expertise. As an ambassador for public figures, he has always demonstrated empathetic sensitivity, always with the goal in mind of exploiting the potential of talents without overstating it. He focuses on dialogue, strategic thinking and action as well as on long-term partnerships and the principle of "we always see each other twice".

The founder


Rethinking Talent Agency: We bridge the gap between newcomers and professionals. In a world where loud is the new quiet, we master both tones to perfection. This ensures we deliver targeted messages to the right audience.


Communication is the key to success and yet often the biggest interpersonal challenge. Anyone who wants to learn even more about us should not hesitate to contact us. Head Office Munich +49 (0) 89 277 988 67

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